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Easy Ways to Migrate to Canada

If you have ever asked the question “what are the easiest ways to migrate to Canada?” you have come to the right place. In this post, we shared the easiest ways you can move to Canada get a job and become a permanent resident in the country.

However, not everyone is eligible to access these easy routes which mostly require education or academic qualification, being a skilled worker, having huge sums to qualify as an investor, and so on. But then, not all immigrants are rich, or educated, or have the skill required in the country. the question becomes, “how do you come to Canada easily even if you don’t fit into the category of investor, skilled worker, or artist?”

Alternatives for immigrants who are neither rich or have the educational skills required can fall under the categories mentioned below:

  1. Spousal Sponsorship
  2. IEC
  3. Live-In Caregiver
  4. Study Permit
  5. Visitor Visa


Some of these categories are usually for temporary residence in Canada, but then, the status could easily change to a permanent residence status and even citizenship if you meet the necessary requirements.

Visitor Visa Option

This is the fastest and easiest visa you can use to enter Canada. As a visitor you are issued a temporary visa which allows you to stay and live in Canada for a short period and when your visa expires, you either renew prior to expiration or you return back to your country. You are not allowed to work while on a visitor visa except you obtain a work permit.

The point of first applying for a visitor visa to Canada is first to gain entry into the country, this would enable you easily connect with employers in Canada who would be willing to provide you a job offer so that once you return home you can apply for a work visa back to Canada and you will be issued a work permit.

Study Permit

Canada is always open to welcoming international students from around the world who meet the requirements to become a student in the country. Once you are able to obtain admission into a recognized institution in Canada, then you are already one step away from becoming a student here. There are great opportunities for students to easily turn the study visa status to become permanent residents in the country. The Canadian government has programs to retain graduates who studied in Canada and provide them a pathway to work after graduating, gain caCanadianorking experience, and eventually apply for permanent residency in the country.

Live-In Caregiver Option

This program places more emphasis on bringing immigrants in the Caregiver skilled worker category to Canada. You are at least required to have completed high school education, have a job offer in Canada, undergone either 6 months of training, or have one year of experience working as a caregiver. Because this skill is highly in-demand, you will easily find different agencies the focus on linking employers with potential foreign caregivers. Currently, this program is closed to new applicants and the resumption date is soon to be communicated, but you can stay updated here on our website.

Working Holiday Visa or International Experience Class (IEC)

This program is for people who are between the age of 18 and 35 and are from the following countries


Australia Denmark Japan Norway Taiwan
Austria Poland Estonia South Korea Ukraine
Belgium France Slovakia United Kingdom Latvia
Chile Germany Lithuania Slovenia Italy
Costa Rica Hong Kong Mexico Spain Czech Republic
Croatia Sweden Ireland Netherlands New Zealand


Under this category, you can work in Canada without a work permit and you also do not need a job offer to come to Canada.

The programs which come as working holiday class, young professional category, or the Co-Op category allows people from any of the selected countries to come and gain Canadian working experience.

Spousal Sponsorship

Say you marry a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident today, you have a free pass to easily become a permanent resident in Canada through the spousal sponsorship program. Once it is certified and your marriage is considered genuine, Your partner could easily sponsor you to Canada and you easily become a permanent resident. The marriage has to be done in a court or in a recognized setting or the same marriage law agreement as Canada’s for it to be considered genuine.


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