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How to Get a Canadian Work Visa from the UK

Despite the UK being one of the best places to reside, some persons from the UK still wants to move to Canada. Living in the UK has lots of benefits, however, Canada provides a more relaxed lifestyle, which although accompanied by hard work and a dedicated mindset, is thought of as less demanding than U.K. work environments.

Obtaining a Canadian work visa from the UK can be quite easy. There are just three steps one must follow to obtain that Canadian work visa from the UK.

Skilled workers are needed in various professions in Canada and this is often the explanation why most people apply to immigrate to Canada to seek out employment that suits them

3 Major Steps to Qualify for a Canadian Work Visa

Canada aims and objective is to invite over 1.2 million foreigners to apply, live and work in the country. It is probably the perfect time for you to proceed with your application for a Canadian work permit.

Canada is highly rated and considered one of the tops picks for professionals worldwide. The country is been rated as the number one country offering the highest quality of life in the world. Aside from the top in-demand jobs that offer great career opportunities, the country has one of the best education systems in the world.

There are various options to choose from if you want to immigrate to Canada. There are a lot of immigration programs, with over 100 immigration programs in Canada. If your aim and objectives are to work in Canada, then the best route to go is to obtain a Canadian work visa. A Canadian work visa can easily help you secure permanent residency in the country.

Below are the three steps you need to follow to qualify for a Canadian work visa are

Step 1: Choose a work permit that suit for you

The type of job you are searching for will determine the work permit that you are to choose. As stated above, they are about 100 immigration programs to choose from, there are only two work visas, which makes choosing the right work permit for you, much easier. They include

  • Open work permit: Open work permit enables you to work for any employer in Canada.
  • Employer-specific work permit: This is an alternative work permit and it enables you to work in line with specifications laid out in your work permit, including the length of your work permit, your employer’s full name, and where your employer is located.

An Open work permit can be obtained by anyone who has immigrated to Canada through the Express Entry system, as it enables you to live and work in Canada.

Step 2: Check your eligibility to immigrate to Canada

This step is very necessary, this is where you can check if you are eligible to secure a job and move to Canada. You will also meet a list of requirements. You have to know all these requirements and meet them before you apply to immigrate to Canada because it will save you the stress of being rejected.

To be considered eligible to work and live in Canada, to apply for your work visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a clear medical record.
  • Have a valid passport that is issued by the United Kingdom to British National Overseas (BNO)
  • Graduated with a diploma or degree (a minimum two-year program) that doesn’t exceed five years before applying for an open work permit.
  • Demonstrate that you will leave the country as soon as your work permit expires if you have a temporary work permit.
  • Have a clear criminal record in the country you currently reside in and wherever you have travelled to before.
  • Show proof of funds to display that you simply can support yourself and your relations that have immigrated with you, including during your stay in Canada, and have a budget to return home

Step 3: Submit a work permit application

This is the easiest step of all the 3 steps. The easiest way and less stressful way to apply for a Canadian work permit is by applying online. By doing so, you won’t have to pay courier fees and can also reduce your application time.

This step also helps in preventing potential delay, especially if they request any supporting document. Once you submit all the required documents with your application online, just know that your application will be complete.


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