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What are the easiest entry jobs in the U.S. for immigrants this year?

The U.S. government has opened to welcoming immigrants who wish to work in the country. Every year, thousands of immigrants apply to come to the U.S. for better job opportunities. The journey to achieve this dream is no easy task and you need to get a job from your home country to allow you to move to the country on a temporary or permanent basis.

Employers often prefer those who have some years or a year of experience working in the U.S., while some prefer that you be in the country. Either way, you need to apply for jobs that are easy to get. Some easy entry-level jobs employ quite a significant number of immigrants each year, and you have a high chance of getting that employment as opposed to other types of jobs. Below are some of the best entry-level jobs in the U.S. for new immigrants.

What are the easiest entry jobs in the U.S. for immigrants this year?

Customer Service

For some companies that operate with a lot of international customers, immigrants who can speak several languages or those who are bilingual have a great opportunity of landing a job fast. These companies are constantly in search of immigrants or applicants who are bilingual to help the company in serving a broader range of customers. If you can speak the English language fluently, and one or two other languages, then you are already ahead of many other applicants.

Manual Labor

A good number of manual labor positions are filled by immigrants in the U.S. which also means that these types of jobs are easy to come by. There are a lot of companies in the U.S. that specialize in Painting, construction, and so on. They greatly depending on manual laborers to carry out various tasks at the firm and so they can employ over 50 to 100 persons in a span of 2 months or less. Some manual labor job opportunities include:

  • Construction Worker
  • Stone Mason
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Painter

Agricultural Workers

Farming in the U.S. is accountable for over 50% in revenue each year. The farms’ industry in the U.S. plays a great part in the nation’s economy. The U.S. government understands just how important the farming sector is, each year thousands of job vacancies are made available for workers who would want to get a job quickly in the country. Some of the job specifications includes working in an animal farm, crop or fruit farm, or tending gardens. Consider a job in one of these positions:

  • Ranch/Farm Management
  • Groundskeeping
  • Landscaping
  • Greenhouse Management

Tailors, Dressmakers, and Seamstresses

This is another area you could make huge bucks at an entry level. Aside from the fact that you only need to have the skill, you can soon grow from an entry-level position to become your own boss in an instant. There are lots of businesses and industries that are willing to easily take you up on your first day of applying if you have no job very well.


Housekeepers, front desk associates, caregivers, and so on, are often classified under the hospitality industry. Not only that these positions are easy to come by, but you can also get a lot of benefits working in this industry, as discounted hotel stays, or even free room to stay if you are working with a client.


The transportation industry is also one of the best entry-level jobs with a lot of opportunities for anyone. As an immigrant, you need to first obtain a valid driver’s license in the U.S. before you can begin work as a bus driver for students, a taxi driver, or a personal driver for a client like an independent chauffeur.

Personal Care and Appearance Workers

There are a lot of job positions in this industry. However, most of these job positions require an associate degree, although there are companies that could easily allow you to work while you are pursuing your degree.

Security Guards

If you have some experience as a security guard, then this position could be an easy get for you. The job, however, emphasizes physical appearance such as height, body build, and so on.

Food and Beverage Industry

There are different positions and job specifications in this industry. You could work as a dishwasher or hostess today, and easily rise to become a manager in that business. It simply comes down to your experience and your understanding of the job.


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