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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is still welcoming and inviting immigrants, they even welcome lots of immigrants in the midst of the pandemic. The North American country wants to achieve its goal, which is to invite 401,000 new immigrants in 2021. Canada has already invited 35,700 new permanent residents in June and in July, they have invited 39,500. The sum of immigrants invited in 2021 so far is 184,000 which is not up to half of the expected number of invites and this makes it a perfect time to immigrate to Canada.

Canada will not stop welcoming immigrants until they reach their objective. Below are reasons to immigrate to Canada.

Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

  1. Canada has great healthcare

Canada’s health care is well-developed, thanks to its universal coverage system. The Canadian federal government does subsidize provincial health care, but the costs are manageable. Canada’s well-developed health care has seen it ranked 18th in the world in terms of quality. For permanent residents, you can apply for public health insurance. The majority of these health care services will be offered free to you and your family. Also, the universal healthcare system is free in Canada, they are being covered by taxes.

However, each province has its own rules but nevertheless, they all provide free emergency medical services.

  1. Canada provides a great education

Canada has a wide range of education options and therefore offers the greatest opportunities to further your career and improve your life prospects. Presently, Canada ranks number 1 in the world as the most educated country and they spend more resources on education per capita than any other country in the world. The country provides world-class education beginning from kindergarten level to the highest level of education one can think of.

Permanent residents in Canada enjoy the free education that the Canadian government offers.

  1. Canada provides great job opportunities

Canada has developed into one of the world’s leading industrialized economies. Its economy is based on trade, manufacturing, oil production (the world’s largest oil reserves), agriculture and financial services. Canada has the highest nominal GDP per capita in the world.

Canada is one of the most highly skilled countries in the world. You don’t have to speak English to find a job in this country. They are lots of skilled and unskilled jobs in the country, Canada is even in search of both unskilled and skilled workers to boost the country’s economy and to aid the ageing citizens. International students are given the liberty to also work and support their education.

  1. Canada is a land of opportunity

In Canada, one can find a variety of jobs from the smallest services to the highest-ranked companies. In this country, you can not only work and gain more skills and knowledge but also improve your finances and learn how to save money. You will have an opportunity to save money in Canada which is better than in any other part of the world.

Permanent residents, at the first point of entry, are granted free passes to go to Canada’s public healthcare. In the event of a need for public health care, permanent residents will be treated at a medical facility and they will not have to pay for their treatment.

  1. A safe place to live in Canada

Canada is the second most peaceful country in the world after New Zealand. This country has a low crime rate and is one of the safest places to live in the world. They have created the National Public Safety Institute (NPSI) to deal with issues regarding public safety. The NPSI provides equipment, technical support and training to first responders.

  1. Canada has diversity

The country has a multicultural society. The people living there are from all over the world, have different religions, beliefs, ethnicity, ancestral roots and are different in many ways.
This diversity promotes free-thinking, respect for others’ opinions since the country accepts diversity. It is stated that they are over 8 million immigrants in Canada with permanent residents in 2020, this is about 21.5% of Canada’s population.

  1. Overall high quality of life

Canada has a low unemployment rate and is one of the most stable economies in the world. This small country has attracted many immigrants from all over the world, including skilled workers and professionals with a variety of skills. The country has maintained a high minimum wage of $15 per hour making it easy for everyone to live a comfortable life.


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